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YPG Series Pressure Spray (Cooling) Dryer

YPG Series Pressure Spray (Cooling) Dryer

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This unit is a device that can complete drying and pelletizing at the same time. The pressure, flow rate and orifice size of the feed pump can be adjusted according to the process requirements to obtain the desired spherical granules in a certain size.

The working process of the unit: the feed liquid enters with the high pressure of the diaphragm pump and sprays mist droplets, and then flows down in co-current contact with the hot air. Most of the granules are collected in the discharge outlet at the bottom of the tower. The waste gas and its tiny powder are separated by cyclone separator. The waste gas is discharged by the exhaust fan, and the powder is collected by the powder collection cylinder at the bottom of the cyclone separator. The secondary dust removal device can also be equipped at the outlet of the fan, and the recovery rate is 96-98%.

Scope of application:

Chemicals: Organic catalysts, resins, synthetic detergents, oils and fats, ammonium sulfate, dyes, dye intermediates, etc.

Foods: Amino acids and their analogues, seasonings, proteins, starches, dairy products, coffee extracts, fishmeal, meat extract, etc.

Pharmaceuticals: Proprietary Chinese medicines, pesticides, antibiotics, pharmaceutical granules, etc.

Ceramics: Magnesia, china clay, various metal oxides, dolomite, etc.

Spray granulation: Various fertilizers, alumina, ceramic powder, pharmaceuticals, heavy metal superhard steel, chemical fertilizers, etc.

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