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DW Series Belt Dryer

DW Series Belt Dryer

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The material to be processed is distributed on a conveyor belt through a suitable feeding mechanism such as star feeder, swing belt, pulverizer or pelletizer. The conveyor belt passes through a channel that consists of one or several heating units. Each heating unit is equipped with an air heating and circulation system. Each channel has one or several dehumidification systems. When the conveyor belt passes, the hot air passes through the material on the conveyor belt up-down or bottom-up, so that the material can be dried evenly.


Belt dryer is a continuous drying equipment commonly used and widely used in chemical, food, medicine, building, electronics and other industries, especially for the sheet, strip and granular material drying with better ventilation, Filter cakes and pasty materials can also be dried after molding by pelletizer or extruding.

Typical products:

Seaweed, dehydrated vegetables, jujube, pellet feed, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, shredded coconut stuffing, organic pigments, synthetic rubber, acrylic fibers, medicines, herbs, small wood products, plastic products, electronic components aging, curing and so on.


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