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FZG Square, Round Static Vacuum Dryer

FZG Square, Round Static Vacuum Dryer

basic information
Product description

Working principle:

Pure water has the highest vaporization rate in the boiling state. Under the normal pressure, pure water starts to boil at about 100°C. In vacuum condition, the partial pressure of water vapor in the system is far lower than that on the surface of the material. The boiling point of water is lower than 100°C. For example, when the surface drops to -0.07 MPa, the water begins to boil just at 70°C. As a general rule, the higher the vacuum is, the lower the boiling point of water will be. In a vacuum dryer, vaporized water can be quickly discharged with the production of vacuum, so this dryer has a large drying capacity despite the lower operating temperature.

Scope of application:

It is suitable for drying heat-sensitive materials in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronics, Chinese medicine and other industries.


·It can get higher drying speed at lower temperature and the heat energy can be used fully.

·It can dry at low temperature or can dry heat sensitive raw materials.

·It can dry raw materials that contain solovent and the solvent needs to recover.

·Before drying,it can carry out disinfectant treatment,during the period of drying,any impurity can not enter in it.

·The dryer belongs to static vacuum dryer,the shape and volume of raw materials can not be damaged.


Technical parameters:

Notes to order:

·When order,please choose suitable vacuum dryer in accordance with the characteristics of raw materials to be dried such as,physical properties,primary moisture,temperature,vacuum degree,amount to be dried,drying time,etc.The vacuum dryer with same models three types i.e.,steam type,hot water type,heat conduction oil type.For example,in order to increase dry quantity,the quantity of layer of baking frame can be increased.Please put forward it to our factory.

·The accessories used for vacuum drying system mentioned in Operation Instruments can be provided and installed by our factory.Please explain it when order.

·The factory can also provide design,manufacture and installation for special requirements of vacuum drier from customers.

·The equipment of our factory carries out "guarantee of repair,replacement and refund of substandard product" and supplies all fittings for a long time.please put your mind at rest.

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